Action Alerts

Contact Senator Bakk for Safe Schools!

On Wednesday, the Safe Schools bill passed the Senate Finance Committee. This is great progress!
Next step: the Senate floor for a vote! Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk will decide when to schedule the bill. We want him to do this as soon as possible.
What you can do: Contact Senator Bakk - thank him for his support and ask him to schedule the vote!

Sign a petition to help raise the minimum wage!

The Minnesota legislative session started just last week, and already the stakes are high for Minnesota's working families. Although the House has endorsed a $9.50 minimum wage indexed to inflation, the Senate is refusing to discuss the effect of inflation on minimum wage. Without a modest cost of living increase, minimum wage will continue to lose purchasing power, eventually erasing all of the gains low-income families will make. Sign this petition to send a message to your State Senators that $9.50 indexed to inflation is a priority for you this session.