Action Alerts

Protect the Wage this Monday!

Last year, JCA members worked hard to pass a $9.50 minimum wage linked to inflation.  This Monday, March 30th, it’s time to Protect the Wage!

Take Action to Support Voting Rights!

JCA’s voting rights platform is at a critical juncture. Your support right now can determine whether or not we pass legislation to strengthen democracy and voting in Minnesota this year.

Take Action to Restore the Vote!

We are at a critical juncture in the campaign to restore voting rights to people who have served their time and are living in their community. We do not know if we will get a hearing on the bill in the House by the committee deadline less than two weeks away, March 27th. We need to let House Leadership know what kind of support this has. Please ask all of your members/clients/staff/board/supporters/friends to send the messages below by email and/or telephone.

Subject: Hearings for HF342 Voting Restoration

Pack the House and Senate for Pre-Registration!

Voter pre-registration is picking up speed in the legislature and we need your support to take it all the way! This Thursday, February 26th, the bill will be heard by the House Government Operations and Elections Policy Committee at 10:15am in the Basement Hearing Room of the State Office Building, and at 2pm by the Senate Subcommittee on Election in Capitol Room 112.