An Organizer Says Goodbye (For Now)

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Dear fellow Jewish Community Action members:

After nearly a dozen years at Jewish Community Action, I am taking a sabbatical starting Dec. 20.  For the next six months, I will be traveling, studying, breathing and taking a much needed break from the justice work that I love. 

Looking back through the years that I have had the privilege to work at JCA, our community has accomplished so much:

  • Creating mixed income housing on West 7th Street in St. Paul with Gateway Interfaith Table for Affordable Housing
  • Creating strong congregational teams to work on social justice issues through congregational organizing
  • Saving General Assistance medical care
  • Bringing together the Jewish community to host a gubernatorial forum
  • And, of course, helping organize our recent historic and victorious campaigns to defeat two discriminatory amendments that would have cemented marriage limitations and voter suppression into our state constitution.

Although I will miss all the people that I have grown close to over these 12 years, I will be back July 1st with renewed energy, ready to galvanize our community toward creating the kind of world we would all like to leave for the generations to come.

Have a great new year,

Adele Brown

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