Reflections on Meeting the President

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Today I had the unusual opportunity to meet President Barack Obama and hear him speak at the north Minneapolis police station.  I have two important reflections on the visit with the president to share.  The first is that, meeting with him, he has an amazing ability to make you feel at ease and that he genuinely wants to hear from you.  The second, in listening to him speak, he is truly committed to moving the issue of gun violence prevention forward.

As he said today, we must do one  thing, take one step, to prevent more families from losing loved ones as so many have in America, whether in north Minneapolis, Newtown or everyday in cities across America.   He urged us to keep the pressure on members of Congress and engage with folks who may not agree with us because the polls across America are on our side.

The president gave his strong support for universal background checks, assault weapons ban, limiting the size of ammunition in weapons, and closing the gun show loophole.  He stressed that what we are trying to do is reasonable and is not designed to infringe on people’s second amendment rights.   The President also stressed the importance of making sure there is adequate mental health coverage for all Americans and especially youth.

Today, I felt very privileged to meet our President and hear him speak as a leader.  I am proud of the coalition we are building in Minnesota with NCJW and Protect Minnesota and believe if we work hard to involve many more people in this struggle, we can do what the President said, “we can make a difference.”

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