Now is the Time for Marriage: Rabbi Michael Latz on the Freedom to Marry

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This week, Rabbi Michael Latz, Senior Rabbi of Shir Tikvah, once again delivered powerful and important remarks at the State Capitol. As bipartisan legislation for the freedom to marry was formally introduced, Rabbi Latz stood with his family, and urged our legislators to grant him, his husband, and their children the same freedoms and opportunities granted to other families in Minnesota. Rabbi Latz's words were remarkably moving, and inspire us to keep pushing for the freedom to marry. With leaders like Rabbi Latz, thousands of supporters, and incredible allies, we know that now is the time for marriage.

Note: photo courtsey of Ben Garvin from the Pioneer Press.


Ecclesiastes teaches there is a time for every purpose under heaven.

Now is the time for marriage.

I am the Rabbi of Shir Tikvah congregation. Our congregation and our denomination support the freedom of every loving couple to be legally married, and believe that same-sex couples deserve the same opportunity to be celebrated by their community and protected by the law.

In addition to my duties as a Rabbi--through which I have had the honor to preside over more than 200 wedding ceremonies--I am a father.

I stand here today with my beloved Michael and our daughters. We are a family in the eyes of God. We were legally married in Canada on Michael's parents' 50th anniversary last June. But right here--in my home state of Minnesota--the place where I was born, and where I now live, work, pay taxes, and raise children, we are legal strangers. There are thousands of children, just like mine, being raised by same-sex couples in Minnesota today. These children suffer each and every day that their parents are excluded from marriage.

In 2013, the Minnesota Legislature has the chance to finally right this wrong. Our elected officials have the chance to ensure that all families are valued and treated equally in Minnesota. That begins with passing the legislation being introduced today. On behalf of Shir Tikvah, my community, and my family, I urge legislators to support this bill.

We look forward to the day in the very near future when our family has the same freedoms, responsibilities, and opportunities as every family in Minnesota.

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