JCA's Response to an Inapt Comparison

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For the second time in less than six months, spokespeople at Minnesota for Marriage have compared the campaign for marriage equality to Nazism. A document released by the Chairman of the organization states that, “They essentially practice Joseph Goebel’s Nazi philosophy of propaganda, which is basically this: Tell a lie long enough and loud enough and eventually most mindless Americans will believe it.”

Jewish Community Action believes that to continually make analogous the tactics used to spread a message of hate and drive the near destruction of a people to a campaign which at its core is about love, commitment, and family, is ridiculous. To do it during Passover, a holiday that commemorates freedom from oppression, is shameful.

The last time that Minnesota for Marriage compared our allies in this fight to the Nazis, they apologized for what they called an “inapt” comparison. What now? To contradict that apology and continue to employ this inflammatory and appalling tactic demonstrates a disinterest in respectful conversation and basic respect for the humanity of all Minnesotans.

This evening, Rabbi Michael Adam Latz of Shir Tikvah wrote:
“Good people of faith, loving Minnesotans, can disagree respectfully about marriage without trivializing the genocide inflicted upon millions of people. Those of us seeking marriage equality believe that marriage is about love and commitment and we will continue to speak to the hearts of Minnesotans who believe in decency, fairness, and the Golden Rule: to love thy neighbor.”

Tomorrow we join with Rabbi Latz and our partners at Minnesotans United for All Families for a press conference at Shir Tikvah (1360 West Minnehaha Parkway, Minneapolis) at 12:30pm. Please join us and show your support!


Carin Mrotz

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