Calling for Gun Violence Prevention

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At Jewish Community Action, our mission is pretty straight-forward: we bring together Jews from diverse backgrounds, promote understanding of local social and economic justice issues, and give our members whatever tools they need to take action in the larger community.

This past Sunday, the JCA office was one of those tools. While most people across the Twin Cities cozied up for a quiet afternoon, following a week of depressing weather and even more depressing national headlines, members and leaders took over the JCA office to phone bank for gun violence prevention. In just a couple of hours, JCA volunteers made hundreds of calls into two key legislative districts, and “patched through” nearly 100 concerned citizens who, once given the opportunity, wanted to leave messages with their state representatives. As a result, two Minnesotan legislators started off the week with inboxes full of voicemails from their constituents, asking them to support universal background checks and avoid the same shameful mistake that the U.S. Senate made just last week.

These voicemails are incredibly powerful, and demonstrate exactly what the JCA mission is about. We started off the afternoon with a diverse group of Twin Cities Jews—including youth, clergy, longtime JCA members, and new supporters—and by the end of the phone bank, had a well-trained, well-informed team of activists. And what started with a dozen supporters of gun violence prevention in an office in St. Paul grew into a movement of nearly 100 like-minded Minnesotans in key districts, who not only pledged their support for universal background checks, but also left compelling messages with their elected officials. These messages will no doubt impact our state’s legislators, who now know that the 75 percent of Minnesotans who support universal background checks are watching closely.

As we’ve seen again and again (and perhaps most decidedly in 2012), our voice is much louder and our impact far greater when we work together. We invite you, then, to once again take over the JCA office this Thursday, April 25, 6-9 PM, when we will partner with Protect Minnesota and the National Council of Jewish Women for a gun violence prevention phone bank in memory of Reuven Rahamim (z”l). Together, with members, friends, and supporters of the Rahamim family, JCA members like you, and the hundreds of Minnesotans we will engage, we will honor Reuven’s memory and make our state safer for everyone.

For more details on this phone bank, click here. RSVPs are strongly recommended, so please email Melissa or call 651-632-2184. We look forward to sharing this work and our office with you on Thursday!

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