Thank You, Adele

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For the past 11 years, Adele Brown has been deeply involved with Jewish Community Action, first as a leader in her congregation and then on staff as a community organizer. In that time, Adele taught countless members of the Jewish community about organizing and why getting involved in social justice from a foundation in Jewish values is so important in making our community better. Adele was a mentor for Jewish leaders and JCA staff for so many years and led many campaigns within JCA, recently and notably the work to defeat the marriage amendment, but even before that, her work supported the successful creation of affordable housing in St. Paul and preserved the General Assistance Medical Care program. We will miss Adele’s commitment to organizing and justice, her humor and dedication, but we know she will continue to speak out for justice regardless of what she does next in her life. Good luck Adele, we expect to still see you at JCA actions.

Below is a letter from Adele, in which she remembers her greatest accomplishments at JCA and explains her plans for the future:


Friends, colleagues and allies,

After a dozen great years at Jewish Community Action, I’ve decided it’s time to lower this curtain and start my next act.

I am so proud to have been in the middle of the fray as the Jewish community came together to create affordable housing in St. Paul, save General Assistance Medical Care, achieve marriage equality, safeguard voting rights for all Minnesotans, organize strong social justice efforts in our congregations and build a great organization to assure justice for all Minnesotans.

As I turn the page for my next chapter, please stay in touch and keep fighting for the values we hold so dear. My personal email is

See you at the next Jewish Community Action event.

Adele Brown

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