JCA Joins the Fight for Working Families in Minneapolis

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Jewish Community Action Joins the Fight for Working Families in Minneapolis

Jewish Community Action believes that our destiny is bound together with all people and that, as such, we must act in the interest of our shared fate. In recognizing a single common humanity, we affirm our conviction that each human being is a full and unique “tzelem Elohim--reflection of God’s presence in the world.” Central to carrying out this belief is the pursuit of racial, social, and economic justice for all people.

Currently, more than 40 percent of workers in the city of Minneapolis do not have paid sick time. Every day, a working Minnesotan is forced to choose between caring for a sick child and paying the bills, between their health and a paycheck. We believe this is a choice no working person should have to make, and while we know that this is a choice that disproportionately falls to women and people of color, we see this as a moment of urgency for all of us. Right now, the City of Minneapolis has a chance to change lives by passing Earned Safe and Sick Time through the Working Families Agenda, and JCA is putting our values into action and joining the campaign.

Jewish tradition is deeply invested in the fair treatment and payment of the worker as issues of human dignity. The Torah tell us, “You shall not abuse a needy and destitute laborer, whether a fellow Israelite or a stranger in one of the communities of your land" (Deut. 24:14). The Talmud says that, “one who withholds an employee’s wages is as though he deprived him of his life” (Baba Metzia 112a). Our tradition values labor, and it also values family and community. We view public health as a moral value, and JCA believes that paid sick time, which protects workers, employers, and customers, provides a crucial opportunity to support working families by addressing the intersection of income and well-being.

In joining the campaign to pass Earned Safe and Sick Time in Minneapolis, JCA affirms the work that our allies have done to raise this issue and the proposal that the city council and mayor have offered, and commits to engaging our members and community to support passage of the ordinance this year.

Contact: Carin Mrotz, Jewish Community Action
carin@jewishcommunityaction.org / 651-632-2184


Carin Mrotz

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