A Post-Election Message from Jewish Community Action

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This morning has been tough. We spent this election cycle - like most of you - stunned by the hateful and divisive things we've heard about Muslims, women, our own Somali neighbors here in Minnesota. We know that the only way to fight hate is with love and community, and in the past weeks our members have demonstrated that, hitting the streets together for nonpartisan voter turnout. We've been so inspired and impressed by the dozens of JCA members who've talked to new voters and had conversations about their shared vision for a just Minnesota.

We want to thank you and thank all of the volunteers, staff, and elected leaders who put their all into this election. This was tough, and no matter what you're feeling today, your participation matters.

Poet Aurora Levins Morales wrote this morning:
"This is not any moment in the past that terrifies us. It is a new moment. Instead of speculating on all the bad things that will happen, let's reach for each other and start building our unified resistance. Let's treat each other really well. Let's stay flexible and responsive. Let's refuse to despair. Let's refuse to panic. Let's accept the challenge history has given us."

So, what now?

We will allow ourselves to be tired, sad, frustrated, or fearful.

We will continue to work for racial and economic justice in our state and in our cities.

We will never accept or stand idly by at any racist or xenophobic threat to our friends and neighbors.

We will love and support one another. In community, we will find resilience. In faith we will find strength.

There will be a multifaith vigil at Shir Tikvah at 7pm tomorrow night. Quiet meditation, song, prayer, and food - people of all faiths (and no faith) are welcome.

Staff will be in the office this week - please reach out if you need to talk, strategize, or just sit together.

"We can remake the world daily."
Paul Wellstone

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