Jewish Community Action Stands with Representative Keith Ellison

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Jewish Community Action has a long history of partnership with Representative Keith Ellison and a tremendous amount of respect for him as leader, both nationally and here in Minnesota. While our organization does not take positions on or endorse candidates for partisan office, we want to express our strong appreciation for Representative Keith Ellison and his work on behalf of Minnesota’s 5th district, including a large segment of the Jewish community. We are deeply disturbed by recent attempts to cast Representative Ellison as anti-Semitic and do not believe they represent the character and leadership we have come to know and respect from him.

Since his time serving in the Minnesota House of Representatives, we have partnered with Representative Ellison on much of our work for social and economic justice. He has been a tireless advocate and leader for Minnesota. He has joined us in work to protect families from foreclosure and the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and he has been a champion for comprehensive immigration reform, including strong support for our Liberian neighbors here in Minnesota. When leadership was needed on voting rights, Congressman Ellison took the lead on this issue.

As a Jewish organization with approximately 1,000 household members, we have been so appreciative of Representative Ellison’s support and leadership on issues that are so important to the members of our community. Jewish Community Action considers Keith a great friend to our community on these issues and so many more. In addition, Keith has always made sure his office is very responsive and proactive in working with JCA and other organizations to make sure our community is active and civically engaged.

We are deeply troubled by attempts to smear Representative Ellison or paint him as anti-Semitic. At a time when true anti-Semitism is being normalized through White House appointments, it’s disappointing to see this rhetoric used against a leader who has demonstrated only openness to and partnership with our community. As a Jewish organization who has proudly worked alongside Representative Ellison for many years, we find all associations made to anti-Semitism empty and insulting to him and to our community, and we will not stand by and be used in this way.

We appreciate all that Congressman Ellison does and look forward to continuing to work with him in Congress and to support his leadership on so many key issues.

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