In Memory of Reuven Rahamim (z"l)

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Note: This week's gun violence prevention phone bank will be held in memory of Reuven Rahamim (z"l), who lost his life to gun violence in 2012. Please join members, friends, and supporters of the Rahamim family as we make targeted and effective phone calls to generate grassroots support and pass legislation that would make our communities safer.

As this year’s legislative session winds down, we must work harder than ever to make sure our state passes meaningful gun violence prevention legislation this year. To do this, we must focus our efforts on state senators and representatives whom we believe to be “on the fence.” If they hear from their constituents—the majority of whom support gun violence prevention legislation—they can be persuaded to support it, as well.

From now until the end of the session, JCA, Protect Minnesota, the National Council of Jewish Women, and others will host phone banks on Monday and Thursday evenings, 6-9 PM. We will use our time wisely, and call only voters who live in key legislative districts and are likely to support gun violence prevention measures. When we reach voters who support our position, we will offer to connect them right then and there to their legislator’s office so that they can leave a message. This is a highly targeted, effective way to connect constituents with key legislators.

Thursday, April 25
6-9 PM

Jewish Community Action
2375 University Avenue West, Suite 150, St. Paul

For more details, and to RSVP, please email Melissa or call 651-632-2184. And, please note:

  • We will provide training, scripts, call lists, and light snacks at each phone bank;
  • Each phone bank will have a captain and will be held in memory of a Minnesotan who lost his or her life to gun violence;
  • Please bring your cell phone and laptop, if possible!
Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

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