NNS Ambassadors

National Neighbors Silver (NNS)

Jewish Community Action is proud to have been chosen by the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC), with support from Atlantic Philanthropies, as Minnesota's partner in National Neighbors Silver, a campaign to organize and empower older adults. National Neighbors Silver (NNS) brings community, public, and private sector partners together, utilizing structured, neighborhood-focused education and organizing strategies that benefit older adults.

Each selected National Neighbors Silver site will engage older adult volunteers by training them in organizing and financial education strategies. These volunteers will become a part of an integral network of NNS leadership ambassadors, who will share best practices and strategies for organizing and educating their peers around issues of financial security. National Neighbors Silver- Minneapolis is an organization that allows seniors to come together, to build community, to assess the issues that affect our lives and advocate for action on those issues; and to link each other to free resources around financial security, health and other resources; our goal is to help seniors speak up for themselves.

With leadership from Jewish Community Action, NNS-Minneapolis has built a team of 15 senior Ambassadors from across the city, a network of relationships with service providers and other advocacy organizations. The current NNS ambassadors have decided to work on the photo ID issue until the election because of the significant impact it will have on the ability of senior citizen access to the vote. After the election, NNS ambassadors will evaluate their next set of issues, with a specific focus on financial justice, income security and health care.