Jamie Kavanah

Community Organizer

Jamie joined the JCA staff in 2019, first as the Deep Canvass Fellow in September and then as an organizer in the East Metro in November. A transplant to the Twin Cities from NYC, they came to Minnesota in 2015 as a graduate student of medieval literature. The following year they participated in their first Deep Canvass with JCA, and before long they became deeply involved with the Decriminalizing Communities campaign. Jamie grew up with activist roots - their first job was a summer internship at the office of the labor union where their dad is a member, and they spent childhood summers participating in environmental action in the Hudson River Valley. They were raised with a strong sense of the inestimable power of organizing in pursuit of justice; today, they’re thrilled to be able to do this important work professionally as a part of JCA’s team.

Jamie’s pronouns are they/them/theirs.