Sarah Buchlaw

Decriminalizing Communities Organizer

Sarah is the new Decriminalizing Communities Organizer. After graduating with a degree in Hispanic International Studies and African American Studies in May, she is excited to re-immerse herself in the fight for justice in her home state. Sarah comes to JCA after years of student organizing in Washington to end immigrant detention and deportation, as well as internships with the Pierce County Public Defender’s Office and FEIM, an Argentine NGO advocating for women’s and girls’ rights in the Southern Cone. She is thrilled to bring this varied experience to the work of DCC, a campaign that shares her understanding of immigration enforcement and the criminal justice systems—and therefore the approaches to dismantling them—as intrinsically linked. When she’s not working, Sarah is usually dog-spotting at the Minneapolis lakes, watching Gilmore Girls for the thousandth time, or training to be a Wii Sports pro athlete.