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2018 Minnesota Voice Fellows Program

In 2018, Minnesota Voice will launch the 3rd cohort of our hallmark We Vote MN Fellows program. The purpose of this program is to train organizers of color while implementing a coordinated integrated voter engagement effort focused on voters from communities of color. This innovative approach provides leadership development of emerging leaders, with the Fellows serving as the backbone for coordinated Integrated Voter Engagement programs. The 2018 program will incorporate two changes necessary to address the landscape of the state:

  • Build a cohort of 25 fellows, with 10 of those working outside of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, expanding base building efforts to the rural and suburban parts of the state with the most rapidly growing populations of color.

  • A 3-year program to build the leadership pipeline of organizers of color.  Fellows will make a longer commitment (2 years) and identify leaders to participate in the subsequent cohort in 2020 to seamlessly pass the baton.

This program funds, embeds and supports organizers of color (“Fellows”) within partner organizations, who run year-round voter engagement programs reaching underrepresented communities, including outside of the Twin Cities metro where diversity of population is not reflected in the community leadership and decision-making. Using a proven model developed by Minnesota Voice in conjunction with Wellstone Action, Fellows will be part of existing organizations that have a strong community presence for direct service delivery, but don’t currently have the capacity to build networks and grassroots power to impact policy change in these communities. They will then spend time getting to know the community, learn organizing techniques and tools, and create and execute a plan for how political power will be expanded in their new geographic areas. They will be fully supported and managed in their work by Minnesota Voice. The We Vote MN Fellows are the foundation for We Vote MN Get Out the Vote effort, the largest nonpartisan civic engagement program in the state.


The core objectives for our program are:

  1. Narrowing the participation gap between rapidly growing segments of the population and the state as a whole through sustained year-round Integrated Voter Engagement (IVE).

  2. Expanding the geographic diversity of community leaders and activists of color outside of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

  3. Building a network of community-based organizations around the state that have reach into key demographic groups to mobilize on elections, issue campaigns and ultimately, the Census and redistricting.

  4. 25 nonprofit We Vote MN Fellows Program Hosts

    1. 25 autonomous voter registration/pledge programs

    2. 12.5k voter registrations

    3. 25k voter pledges


Fellows Development Goals

  1. Fellows will be able to strengthen their technical skills and confidence to implement nonpartisan voter engagement programs.

  2. Fellows build relationships with organizations and individuals in the advocacy community throughout MN.  The Fellows community develops cross-organizational relationships and coordination of voter engagement activity.

  3. Fellows increase their leadership within their organization, and/or within the larger advocacy community.

  4. Fellows learn a theory of change that includes a holistic view of the cycles of advocacy and electoral organizing.

  5. Fellows learn about career opportunities in the progressive community.


Responsibilities of the Fellow

  • Fellow must complete application, be available for MN Voice interview, and be present during grant review meeting

  • Fellow’s goal will be to have 500 registrations and 1,000 pledges with a concentration on the New American Majority

  • Fellows must be able to attend mandatory week of training March 26th- March 30th

  • It is highly recommended that fellows work a suggested 30 hour per week to reach goal for VE program starting in April; Minnesota Voice will provide direct feedback as to the progress of meeting goals

  • Attend monthly fellows meetings through the end of December

  • Attend MN Voice trainings for VAN

  • Complete bi-weekly fellows report which are due the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month; Reports must include the following:

    • # of registrations

    • # of pledges

    • # of volunteers recruited

    • list any direct actions taken

    • # of community meetings held and # of attendees

    • reflection of the meeting; were goals met

  • Participate in quarterly leadership mtgs for the convening table

  • Plan and host monthly democracy schools sessions (workshops) based off of Common Cause convening table tracks starting in April

  • Complete report of all VE engagement events, including:

    • tabling

    • democracy schools

    • other events the organization may plan to increase engagement

  • Planning and participation in all coordinated events:

    • National Night Out (Aug)

    • National Voter Registration Day (Sept)

    • Parade to the Polls (Oct)

    • POC Governor Candidate Forum (Oct)

    • GOTV Training (Oct)

    • GOTV (Nov)

    • Fellows Presentation- Transparent and Accountable Government (Dec)

The MN Voice program is specifically designed to engage and train organizers of color; you do not need to be Jewish to be employed by Jewish Community Action, but Jews of color are definitely encouraged to apply.

Email your resume and any questions to Carin Mrotz at carin@jewishcommunityaction.org.

    Carin Mrotz

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