A note from the Jewish Community Action staff

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Hey, Jewish community,

We're in the middle of a tough week and many of us are reeling from what feels like relentless waves of attack - at the humanity of our queer and transgender loved ones or ourselves, at antisemitism in flyers and news stories and literal bombs in mailboxes.

It's more than this week, it's been a long time and it will continue. And we know that the election makes the moment feel heightened - it is heightened. But we also know that the tension and division we are experiencing are not going to suddenly dissipate after the election. JCA's work for justice and equity certainly won't end after the election.

Sometimes that feels challenging, the long timelines of our work. Our organizing is fundamentally about engaging the people most impacted by policy decisions in those decisions, and that's crucial no matter who wins or loses an election. It can be slow, but as Dr. King said, "The arc of the moral universe is long," and we know that it won't bend towards justice without commitment, without tenacity and vigilance.

We also know that the function of attacks on our community is to make us feel panic and fear. To isolate us. And for all of the ways that our work is about policy or social change, the way we do it is all about relationships. Community organizing is about connecting, it is the literal antidote to isolation and fear. As a Jewish organization, we organize from long traditions of not just oppression but survival. From a deep commitment to building community wherever we are.

So we're here, and we will be tomorrow, and after the election, and we'll be organizing together, from our Jewish values and a deep belief that we will be stronger together.

We wish you strength in this moment and hope you'll message us or reach out at (651)632-2184 to get involved.

The staff of Jewish Community Action

Carin Mrotz

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