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JCA's response and commitment to community-centered public safety, continues to evolve with the situation and the calls from our core partners. We made the decision in the days following the murder of George Floyd to repurpose some of our staff resources to prioritize mutual aid, neighborhood defense, protest and political education / advocacy around issues of fundamentally transforming public safety in Minneapolis. We also recognize that these issues impact communities across Minnesota (and our nation), especially communities of color.

Now, as we have new information and requests from our partners at Black Visions Collective, Reclaim the Block and other progressive allies, we have these updated opportunities for our members to stay involved with this critical and historic effort: 

We've done this together, with you. And we want to keep it that way.

1. Urgent: for our members in Minneapolis who are ready to speak out on the need for public safety beyond policing, there is a very clear next step that we need to call on the Minneapolis City Council to take THIS WEEK -- they need to add a City Charter reform amendment to the Nov 2020 ballot, which will require the Charter Commission to alter the requirement that Minneapolis must employ a certain ratio of police officers to the population of the city. Placing a charter amendment on the ballot now creates more space for the conversation about public safety in Minneapolis to be truly community-driven. Please contact your city council member by clicking the following link (Not sure which ward you live in? Click here to find out.):

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2. Mutual aid -- JCA will continue to send out a daily email with up to date calls for mutual aid across the Twin Cities. Please use this link to be added to this email list.

3. Neighborhood defense -- while the threat of arson from white nationalists has thankfully subsided, this group will now focus on EVICTION DEFENSE, as we and our partners are deeply concerned about the coming eviction wave as Minnesota's peacetime emergency expires without sufficient assistance or support for low income households who have lost jobs and savings since March. Please use this link to be added to this list.

4. Learning Circles & Deep canvass -- our education work will focus in on convening small (zoom) learning circles for our members interested in learning more and digging deeply into issues of the history of policing and criminal justice, and visioning public safety beyond policing; we will also convene several gatherings and groups to introduce our members to tools drawn from our deep canvass in order to have the difficult, intense conversations with our loved ones and social networks about police abolition and safety beyond policing. Please use this link to receive these invitations.

Dave Snyder

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