How we won rent stabilization

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Tuesday night, voters in St Paul and Minneapolis said Yes to rent Stabilization. 

JCA is proud to be part of the multiracial coalitions if renters, unions, and faith groups that overcame millions of dollars in spending from the landlord lobby to win a pathway to rent stabilization in Minneapolis, and immediate protections for tenant families in St. Paul.

From the beginning, JCA members helped this campaign win. JCA members helped get these referenda on the ballot, by collecting signatures in St. Paul, and by pressuring the city council in Minneapolis to add it to the ballot. Our staff helped with campaign strategy and developed messaging. And dozens of members mobilized to knock over 1000 doors and make over 800 calls to supporting the charter amendments to neighbors in the lead up to Election Day.

But the story of this win is much longer than one election, or even one campaign.

Housing justice has been at the core of our organizing since our founding 26 years ago. Our housing justice teams in Minneapolis and St. Paul have been working for years to advocate for affordable housing and tenants rights.

Outside the core Twin Cities, we are organizing with the Suburban Hennepin Housing Coalition and led the repeal of a harmful ordinance that allowed police to evict renters of multi family buildings.

We don’t just show up for elections. We are organizing members every week, every month, every year to lay the groundwork for progressive change rooted in Jewish values. JCA leaders are meeting with tenants, and neighbors, and elected officials, and landlords, and partner organizations, to develop the relationships that produce policy change.

And we're organizing not just for housing justice, but also immigration justice, criminal justice, and to combat the rising tide of antisemitism and white nationalism.

This process takes time, perseverance, and most of all, community support to keep going.

That's where you come in. It's members like you that are powering this urgent yet time consuming process of organizing for tikkun olam. It's the challenging work the Jewish tradition calls us to do, even if it we do not finish it ourselves.

That's why we are asking you, to double down on our local, grassroots, progressive Jewish organizing that leads to real transformative change like rent stabilization, by making a gift for Give to the Max Day.

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