Give to the Max is in One Week!

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Give to the Max Day is just one week away.

In one week, Minnesotans will celebrate this statewide giving holiday by supporting the organizations that do good work. We know there are so many good causes to support, and not always enough room in the budget to support all of them.

By supporting JCA, you are tackling the root causes of the most pressing issues facing our communities.

We are organizing for deep, structural changes to unequal systems of housing, immigration enforcement, and criminal justice. We're bringing Jews and allies together to defeat white nationalism and build multiracial democracy.

It's working. Last year, the money we raised on GTMD helped power some major wins, including:

1. Helping pass the strongest rent stabilization policy in the country in St. Paul, and a pathway to rent stabilization in Minneapolis.

2. Securing over $1 million dollars in federal funds for anti-hate initiatives in Hennepin County.

3. Ending cooperation between the Hennepin County Sheriff and ICE, protecting hundreds of families from being torn apart by draconian immigration laws.

These wins are just the start of healing our communities, and making a Minnesota where all of us - no matter our race, income, religion, or zip code - can thrive.

We can't give up now - this is the time for powerful organizing rooted in Jewish values, and we need you with us.

Schedule your Give to the Max Day gift today!

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