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We are almost near the end of Hannukah, when our full hannukiyot burn brightest with the light of all the candles.

To get to this beautiful moment, it takes a ninth candle called the shammash, to light all the others.

In organizing, we know that creating meaningful change takes all of us working together to light the way. But many times it takes a bold, and persistent leader - a shammash - to help kindle our collective flame.

Every year, Jewish Community Action, we present the Paul and Sheila Wellstone Call to Action Award, to recognize leaders who have helped helped light the way towards justice.

This year, we are honored to present the award to Stosh Cotler, the CEO of Bend the Arc, for her work leading the national progressive Jewish voice for social justice.

Stosh has over 30 years of experience as an organizer, trainer, and leader in movements for justice and equity, and is a nationally recognized leader of the movement to renew and expand the Jewish community’s role in progressive social change in the US.

In her 16 years of leadership at Bend the Arc, Stosh has overseen many of the organization’s most successful national growth strategies, including the unprecedented expansion of its grassroots base to more than 100,000 people taking strategic action in nearly 30 cities across the country.

Jewish Community Action is a proud affiliate of Bend the Arc, and Stosh’s leadership has been central to it's leadership in the fight against antisemitism, racism and white supremacy, and towards building a multiracial democracy for everyone.

We will present the Wellstone Call to Justice Award at our annual meeting, Together Towards Justice on Sunday, December 12th at 2:30 PM.

Join us to honor Stosh, celebrate our local organizing wins, and learn how we can continue lighting the path towards justice in the new year.

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