Build a Legacy of Justice with JCA

JCA is a participating partner in the It's Your Legacy program through the Jewish Federations of Greater Saint Paul and Minneapolis and the Howard Grinspoon Foundation. We are invested in building and housing a Jewish movement for justice that continues to grow long into the future, and becoming a legacy giver is a powerful way to ensure a Jewish voice for the decades to come. Your legacy commitment is an investment in a future where Jewish youth and adults bravely work to confront and dismantle racism and injustice wherever it lives. 

Legacy commitments look a variety of different ways depending on your financial background. You can leave a legacy gift through your will, donor advised fund, life insurance, retirement plan assets (IRA), a charitable gift annuity, a distribution from a trust, or other gift formats. These gifts do not have to be extremely large or intimidating, but are a concrete way to ensure a long lasting Jewish voice for justice. 

If you're interested in making a gift please call our office at 651-632-2184 or email our develoment and membership staffer Jayce Koester at  


JCA wants to honor and recognize our current Legacy partners: 

Andrea and Jim Rubenstein

Steven and Riv-Ellen Foldes

Carol and Micahel Bromer

Stuart and Jean Appelbaum

Nancy Kleeman

Sally and Eric Bressler

Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman and Frank Hornstein

Pete and Bebe Magee

Vic and Chris Rosenthal

Susan Cobin

Jane Newman

Rabbi Amy Eilberg and Louis Newman

Darla Kashian

Miriam Weinstein

Ed Rapoport

Chris Kellogg

Jessica Shaeppi

Laura and David Ferenci

Larry and Barbara Parks

Harvey Zuckman and Philip Oxman

Amy Lange

Elissa Heilicher

Reneé and Michael Popkin

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