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Jewish Community Action is building a quick response program to local injustice in our communities. After having conversations with community members in the wake of the 2016 national election, people were calling for a way to get involved in direct action and build their base of knowledge.

The JCA Action Havurah program endeavors to build a long term and sustainable Jewish response to injustice in all its forms. We as Jews know all too well the importance of resistance, response, and solidarity, and know that our community power can make real change. We acknowledge and honor our place in repairing the world, tikkun olam. We acknowledge and honor our historical call to justice, from exodus to civil rights. We acknowledge and honor our mitzvot, and our moral obligation to engage with the work. Our traditions and texts provide a path to action and justice, and we believe we can affect the most meaningful change when organizing with our whole selves. JCA’s vision for the Action Havurah is an active and enriching home for Jewish resistance to injustice and oppression. JCA imagines a world through its Action Havurah that is more just, compassionate, and morally courageous.

The Action Havurah responds swiftly to injustice in all its forms, and empowers emerging leaders to take action and organize. The Action Havurah serves as a connection to direct action and a home for Jewish resistance to hate, injustice, and oppression.

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