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What Does Havurah Mean?

Havurah (חבורה) is a Hebrew word for ‘fellowship’, and has been used to describe small groups of like-minded Jews coming together to learn and practice.

So, What is Action Havurah?

JCA’s Action Havurah is a statewide network of JCA members that are coming together to share verified information, support one another, plug into mutual aid and mobilize each other to take action.   


  • Connect with JCA members in your neighborhood
  • Curtail misinformation by disseminating verified, accurate information
  • Mobilize neighbors for online & in person direct actions

How does it Work?

Havurah Captains will connect with a group of 18 (give or take) JCA members that live in their neighborhood. This is their Havurah. 

JCA will be getting up to the minute, accurate information from the “Nerve Center” staffed by a collaborative of progressive organizations in Minnesota.

JCA staff will then share this information and action opportunities with captains who will then share it with their Havurah.

Havurahot can also organize themselves to support each other in other ways as needed, and send updates from the field to JCA staff.

How Can I Become a Havurah Captain?

Contact Jonathan Gershberg at

JCA Organizer: 

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