Our Work


We must work collectively. Jewish Community Action organizes in our community and works alongside our allies, on both emergent issue campaigns and long-term social change.

Economic Justice

Since our founding, Jewish Community Action's work for economic justice has taken different forms, but what has remained consistent is our commitment to working with our allies in communities most deeply affected by injustice, inequality, and the foreclosure crisis. Click to learn more about our campaigns for economic justice for Minnesota workers and homeowners.

Voter Pre-Registration

During the 2015 legislative session, JCA led coordinated statewide campaign to pass voter pre-registration.

Immigrant Rights

Jewish Community Action has been consistent in our work for immigrant rights. We are compelled by our history, and we are instructed by our text--the Torah commands us 36 times to love, protect, and respect the stranger.

Past Campaigns

For nearly two decades, Jewish Community Action has worked on dozens of time-sensitive issue campaigns, as well as long-term efforts to improve our communities and state.

Criminal Justice Reform

Despite its name, we do not believe that our criminal justice system is just. In the past 20 years, all forms of crime have declined, yet we continue to incarcerate more people for longer periods of time.


Social change requires that we are powerful together. Jewish Community Action develops and trains our leaders in constituency groups so that members of our community can take on their own behalf.

Tzedek Institute

Jewish Community Action's 8 week leadership development and community organizing institute gives leaders the tools and training to organize in their community.

Seeds of Justice

Jewish Community Action works with local youth to help them identify the issues that matter to them most and to develop the skills they need to make change in their communities.