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On Wednesday, the Safe Schools bill passed the Senate Finance Committee. This is great progress!
Next step: the Senate floor for a vote! Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk will decide when to schedule the bill. We want him to do this as soon as possible.
What you can do: Contact Senator Bakk - thank him for his support and ask him to schedule the vote!

The Minnesota legislative session started just last week, and already the stakes are high for Minnesota's working families. Although the House has endorsed a $9.50 minimum wage indexed to inflation, the Senate is refusing to discuss the effect of inflation on minimum wage. Without a modest cost of living increase, minimum wage will continue to lose purchasing power, eventually erasing all of the gains low-income families will make. Sign this petition to send a message to your State Senators that $9.50 indexed to inflation is a priority for you this session.

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Join Temple Israel and Jewish Community Action for a free screening of “Inequality for All.” The film follows Robert Reich – professor, best-selling author, and Clinton cabinet member – as he demonstrates how the widening income gap has impacted the American economy.


Although I've been inside the Minnesota State Capitol many times - even had the opportunity to speak at press conferences and rallies there in 2013 as I fought for my home after foreclosure and as we fought to get the Home Owners Bill of Rights passed, never had I ever really seen the place until JCA sponsored the "Power Tour" in February.

“This American Life”, one of my favorite public media shows, recently aired an episode called “House Rules” and

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Sabes Jewish Community Center, a multi-faceted organization serving the entire community, is our partner in VOICE, a program funded by the Minneapolis Jewish Federation with the goal of engaging and connecting the Russian-speaking Jewish elderly community in Minneapolis.
OAP convenes, trains organizers and leads research on race equity in Minnesota. JCA organizers have been trained as a part of OAP's organizing training with leaders in racial equity throughout the state.
ISAIAH is a vehicle for congregations, clergy, and people of faith to act collectively and powerfully towards racial and economic equity in the state of Minnesota. We are proud to partner with ISAIAH in Prophetic Voices, a campaign to create a more just and abundant Minnesota where everyone can thrive.
Prophetic Voices is a movement with a distinct but ambitious goal: to create a more just and abundant Minnesota where everyone can thrive.
NCRC is a coalition of neighborhood, religious, ethnic and community organizations based in north Minneapolis and the broader Twin Cities metro area working to create solutions to the immediate foreclosure crisis and address the long-term crisis of fair access to credit and financial discrimination.

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