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Last year, JCA members worked hard to pass a $9.50 minimum wage linked to inflation.  This Monday, March 30

JCA’s voting rights platform is at a critical juncture. Your support right now can determine whether or not we pass legislation to strengthen democracy and voting in Minnesota this year.

For several years, Jewish Community Action has been proud to be part of the coalition led by

We are at a critical juncture in the campaign to restore voting rights to people who have served their time and are living in their community.

Voter pre-registration is picking up speed in the legislature and we need your support to take it all the way!

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Shabbat Study Session at Mayim Rabim Congregation


"When young people are engaged in the political process, they become more engaged in their communities even after the election.”
- Youth fellow Holden Platt, 16

A guest post by Yavilah McCoy

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OAP convenes, trains organizers and leads research on race equity in Minnesota. JCA organizers have been trained as a part of OAP's organizing training with leaders in racial equity throughout the state.
Sabes Jewish Community Center, a multi-faceted organization serving the entire community, is our partner in VOICE, a program funded by the Minneapolis Jewish Federation with the goal of engaging and connecting the Russian-speaking Jewish elderly community in Minneapolis.
ISAIAH is a vehicle for congregations, clergy, and people of faith to act collectively and powerfully towards racial and economic equity in the state of Minnesota. We are proud to partner with ISAIAH in Prophetic Voices, a campaign to create a more just and abundant Minnesota where everyone can thrive.
Prophetic Voices is a movement with a distinct but ambitious goal: to create a more just and abundant Minnesota where everyone can thrive.
NCRC is a coalition of neighborhood, religious, ethnic and community organizations based in north Minneapolis and the broader Twin Cities metro area working to create solutions to the immediate foreclosure crisis and address the long-term crisis of fair access to credit and financial discrimination.