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At Passover, as we tell the story of our liberation, we commit ourselves to working for the liberation of all people.

After working as part of a broad coalition on the campaign to Restore the Vote, we were optimistic when the bill passed the Senate, and then disappointed

Rally this afternoon and Press Conference tomorrow morning.

We’re down to the wire, and we need your help to make sure we make strides for voting rights this year.


This is a new position and an excellent opportunity for a driven and creative thinker to build something new at an organization that likes to try new things in service of justice.

Some may say it was the wrong case. Others may say that the evidence was clear. But here is what we know: one more time, police face no charges after killing an unarmed black man.

Mass incarceration raises more bars but guarantees less justice.

My name is Michael Kuhne, and I am a volunteer at Jewish Community Action (JCA).

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OAP convenes, trains organizers and leads research on race equity in Minnesota. JCA organizers have been trained as a part of OAP's organizing training with leaders in racial equity throughout the state.
Protect Minnesota is the only non-profit organization in Minnesota working solely to prevent gun violence. We are a state-wide organization representing Minnesotans who want to change the discussion about gun violence and advocate for common sense legislation around this issue. We do this through education, through advocacy, and through passion for the belief that we can prevent gun injuries and deaths.
NCRC is a coalition of neighborhood, religious, ethnic and community organizations based in north Minneapolis and the broader Twin Cities metro area working to create solutions to the immediate foreclosure crisis and address the long-term crisis of fair access to credit and financial discrimination.
A key ally in our community reinvestment work and a partner in the Northside Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC), the Minneapolis Urban League's mission is to link African descendants and other people of color to opportunities that result in economic success and prosperity, and effectively advocate for policies that eradicate racial disparities.
Sabes Jewish Community Center, a multi-faceted organization serving the entire community, is our partner in VOICE, a program funded by the Minneapolis Jewish Federation with the goal of engaging and connecting the Russian-speaking Jewish elderly community in Minneapolis.